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-Texts from Heaven 

How much are burdens holding you back? 

Take a moment to consider what your life be like without them? ...

How much better will you feel? 

How much more will you easily accomplish? 

How much is it costing you ... emotionally and financially everyday that you don't take steps to clear them? 

Its time to do whats right for you.....

As a certified S.T.T. Practitioner I'll guide you through a 

process to relieve physical pain and remove psychological 

barriers by delving into the subconscious to acknowledge the

 triggering event. This guided process is brief 

(typically 1/2 hour) and the effects are long lasting.

The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (S.T.T.) combines mind, body and soul in a guided process to transform problem areas in your body/psyche. It relieves the burden of physical pain as well as psychological barriers. 

It's time to focus on your healing, growth and happiness !

Get Clarity and Take Control of YOUR LIFE!

Start changing your tomorrows for the better today!

It's creator Jennifer McLean describes S.T.T. this way "The body is a miraculous storage vessel which carries within it all of life's traumas and joys as well as the myriad of experiences in between that define our lives. It remembers everything even when we don't. Through our resulting relationships, choices and even our pain, disease and unhappiness, those held memories are expressed."

"The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a unique, therapeutic system of healing that has liberated thousands from their past, opening the doors to greater levels of wealth, freedom, health, joy and fulfilling relationships by simply accessing and releasing what is buried deep within. " 

"S.T.T. helps individuals locate and understand the origin of discomfort, without revisiting the events that caused pain and suffering, move from surviving to thriving by releasing held trauma and re-aligning internal energy flow"

Allow Yourself to feel better!

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