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I am

Posted on November 26, 2019 at 1:05 PM

This piece is a free write following my morning meditation. For me it is a reminder that we are all one. One with each other and our creator. Its message dissolves the loss of loved ones to death, it dissolves loneliness and insignificance. Our connectedness is unwavering and permanent, we must only choose to look and its evidence is unmistakable. May you recognize, acknowledge and truly feel the presence of God and your loved ones as you experience all that this life has to offer.


I am the waves that crash upon the shore

I am the sand that caresses your feet

I am the sun that warms your face

I am the clouds that drift softly amidst the blue sky

I am the flowing grass in the fields

I am the wind that brushes past

I am the bird that sings softly in the trees

I am the stars that light the night sky

I am the passion of lovers

I am the laughter shared with friends

I am the joy of family

I am the comfort of home

I am the wonder and innocence of a child

I am the strength and courage of a warrior

I am you and you are me, now and forever

Love, God

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